We believe that transparency and value are vital when it comes to how we are paid for our work in enforcing foreign judgments in Canada

There are four retainer options that are available to clients who retain us to enforce foreign judgments/awards in Canada

Hourly-Rate Retainer Agreement

Our focussed judgment enforcement lawyers may always be retained on an hourly basis. Hourly rates will vary depending on the particular lawyer(s) who are most appropriate for the case at hand. All hourly rates are clearly set out in our retainer agreement.

Contingent Fee Retainer Agreement

In certain circumstances contingent fee agreements may be offered to our clients. Our contingent fee agreements are always clear, concise and made offered in cases where:

  1. the enforcing party wishes to reduce risk and
  2. the risk is acceptable to our enforcing lawyers
Each contingency fee agreement is independently negotiated and is tailored to the particular case, taking into account a variety of factors.

Mixed Contingency and Hourly-Rated Retainer Agreement

The risk/benefit profile of some cases demands a unique approach to retaining counsel. Our mixed hourly and contingent agreement may be appropriate in such cases.

Block Fee Retainer Agreement

Our lawyers may also be retained on a block fee basis. Our lawyers will provide a clear and definite quote for legal fees for various stages of the enforcement process. This enables clients to make informed decisions on a stage-by-stage basis.